• “I would definitely recommend Montage for their expertise, that is, knowledge of HR processes, system innovation, always looking to improve and excellent customer service”

  • “Montage were very good, they came up with a few whizzy ideas.  For example, not everyone is completely computer literate about attaching documents and they came up with a couple of solutions, especially for tax and Kiwisaver.”

  • "It’s been a good learning curve for us but, thanks to Montage, nothing has really stopped us from improving areas within the form to make it function better"

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  • “We wanted something we could tailor to our business rather than adapt our business to the system”

  • “We had looked at some off-the-shelf solutions. There are a lot out there but they are all regimented in how they’re built – there’s no flexibility”

  • “We have more time to spend on other things rather than process big wads of paper. It’s a net positive. Definitely”

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  • “The Montage package offered us the flexibility we wanted and the flexibility for the future.”

  • “We chose Montage because of the flexibility of the tool but also their people.”

  • “Montage was fantastic in terms of adjusting as we went by. It was a shared risk, shared reward kind of project.”

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  • “Quick to grasp our requirements and he did so by his methodology, logically walking through the business process”

  • “It was put together in a ridiculously short amount of time. How they did it, I don’t know.”

  • "It will have paid for itself by next year"

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