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Montage Online has helped organisations free up hundreds of hours in their recruitment processes. 

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Montage Online will deliver you from a world of paper processes

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Use Montage Online to bring your processes and siloed data together to make better decisions

HarvestZone - Manage your seasonal workforce

HarvestZone combines our extensive HR expertise with sector specific challenges - this solution will save you time next season.

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Here at Montage we are founded on the belief that out-of-the-box / one size fits all solutions just aren't good enough. We believe that every business is different and deserves to have solutions designed for them. In everything we do, we think differently from the crowds of software vendors.

We challenge the out-of-the-box world by developing innovative, flexible software that delivers tailored solutions. We believe you are unique and you deserve tailored configurations to meet your needs, your way, now and in the future. Our software is rapidly configured, simple to use, and delivers on value throughout your business.

Montage Online - business process and workflow software.

Montage Online offer n-Zone.  A fully customised configuration designed to suit your business process needs providing flexibility to deal with an ever changing marketplace, ongoing maintenance, customer service and support.

For organisations looking to improve on their processes across HR and/ or Health & Safety, Montage Online offer the starter for 10 platform of PeopleZone and SafetyZone. Working within various industries we provide a single web based application that reduces time and creates automated processes to deliver quality information for better decision making, business efficiency and governance.

For the Horticulture sector, we offer HarvestZone, an initial configuration around seasonal recruitment and on-boarding.

Our client's results and feedback are a testament to the value we deliver, here are some examples are of benefits of Montage Online solutions:

  • One client reallocated one Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) employee on completion of a Montage Online streamlined process
  • Another reviewed 89% less applications in their seasonal recruitment compared to their previous paper-based process, while improving their selection criteria.
  • A client's tailored health and safety system, while passing its audit, also received high praise from a Health and Safety auditor as one of the best systems they had seen.  


A solution designed for your business using our dependable Montage Online framework

n-Zone, is a tailored solution designed for you in collaboration with our team of experienced consultants. Optimising your business processes through People, Process and Technology. The solution is delivered using our reliable and robust framework - Montage Online. 

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A flexible Human Resource Information System for your People processes

PeopleZone is our capability in Human Resource processes. We provide your organisation with the strongest of foundations for managing the information about your people. Our solution will support you from day one but is adaptable, meeting ever-changing demands, challenges and growth. 

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Simple health and safety solutions to get your people home safe each day

SafetyZone solutions are designed in collaboration with organisations aiming to use a simple system that enables staff to engage in health and safety processes and policies. Resulting in a proactive and compliant health and safety culture. 

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